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EXPOSED The Podcast

EXPOSED The Podcast



Who is LaVerne Badger?

LaVerne is a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational speaker, and an Advocate to end domestic abuse.

After finally Exposing her own life story of domestic abuse she has taken her strength and influence to educate and inspire others. LaVerne believes there is healing in being transparent. Her goal to end domestic abuse one conversation at a time along with the inclusion of men. We can not view men as only the problem but it is imperative to have them be a part of the Solution.

Who is Natalie Hayden?

Natalie is a  woman of servitude, vision and purpose. From mental bondage to outspoken community advocate. From Domestic Violence Shelter to Trans formative Speaker. From brokenness to wholeness! Natalie is one of the most socially– engaged Public Speakers bringing the necessary energy into any space to engage her listeners to fully connect pain to purpose.” imperfection is a form of freedom, be free.”


EXPOSED The Podcast

EXPOSED is a weekly conversation about exposing life after abuse; the success, the struggle, & everything in between. LaVerne and Natalie have both overcome abuse and are now thriving on all platforms to ensure the voiceless is heard.

Our podcast is unique because you will feel like you are talking to your best friend. You will find yourself laughing, crying, angry but most of all inspired. Let's heal together and all become Overcomers of Abuse.

Our podcast can be found on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Breaker and more.

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